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As a leading organisation in the supply and distribution of stainless steel bar, nickel alloy bar and duplex bar, Special Piping Materials is well-versed on the importance of these products. They are commonly used as construction and finishing materials and can be found in a variety of heavy industries.

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As a leading organisation in the supply and distribution of stainless steel bar, nickel alloy bar and duplex bar, Special Piping Materials is well-versed on the importance of these products. They are commonly used as construction and finishing materials and can be found in a variety of heavy industries.

The materials we provide round bar in – stainless steel, nickel alloy and duplex – are all highly resistant to corrosion, have high strength and excellent toughness. They can also withstand extremes of temperature. The material our clients choose for the projects is dependent on the purpose the round bar is being used for, how long it is needed to perform and the environment in which it will be placed.

Special Piping Materials has an enviable global reputation for supplying affordable, high quality, round bar which means our expertise is sought out by clients from around the world. The confidence our customers’ place in us and the quality of our products are the main contributory factors to our success.

The service of our teams is efficient and combines expert knowledge of specifications and all grades of steel. Once we have identified our customers’ requirements, we work with them to provide solutions no matter how complex the project. From requesting pricing and lead-time, to supplying documentation and specification review, to delivery, you can rely on a dedicated specialist Special Piping Materials employee who will be there for you from start to finish.

Our trusted and far-reaching supply chains mean that products can be sourced quickly and efficiently, even when tight deadlines are in place.

We compete with some of the best suppliers of round bar and piping materials in the world and take pride in maintaining our place among them. Our goal is to supply the highest quality products while making the process as simple as possible for our customers.

Applications of Round Bar

The Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy and Duplex Round Bars we provide are very widely used for a broad range of structural and aesthetic purposes across all manner of industries and applications, such as:

  • Chemical processing, transport and storage
  • Oil and gas exploration and offshore rigs
  • Oil and gas refining
  • Oil and Gas pipelines and platforms
  • Water treatment and supply
  • Architecture design and engineering
  • Chemical and marine vessels and equipment
  • Pollution control equipment
  • Pulp & paper manufacturing
  • Chemical process plant
  • Transport and automotive components, tankers and containers
  • Aerospace industry

Duplex Bar

The real advantage of Duplex Bar is its ability to resist corrosion. It can, therefore, be used in highly corrosive marine environments, petrochemical installations or anywhere that resistance to corrosion is of critical importance.

Duplex Bar is not often used as simply a straight length of bar (although sometimes it can be). Rather, it is usually cut to an appropriate size and ‘worked’ to make nuts, bolts, flanges, reduction couplings or even complete valve housings.

Nickel Alloy Bar

As leading suppliers of Nickel Alloy Bar, we provide our clients with the perfect products to satisfy their requirements in terms of availability, quantity, cost and of course quality. Our nickel alloy bars are produced to exacting quality standards.

Being a highly specialised material, we can supply Nickel Alloy Bar to the petrochemical industry, chemical processing, marine or any other industry that requires the highest level of corrosion resistance.  Depending upon the grade chosen, the bars we provide can be specifically tailored to a given application or environment.

Stainless Steel Bar

For many years, Special Piping Materials has led the way in the supply of stainless steel bar for all kinds of applications. Its corrosion resistance properties make it a great choice for harsh environments in a wide range of working temperatures.

Unlike the more exotic special alloys, stainless steel bar a cost-effective solution for most purposes where corrosion resistance or aesthetic appearance may be important.

We hold a vast array of different grades of stainless steel bar in stock that, depending on the target end product, can be tailored precisely to suit clients’ projects.

Sizes of Bar

We can provide Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy and Duplex Round Bars in the following diameters. In stock in our warehouses around the world, we have the following size available:

  • 3mm to 160mm

This can be in the following length:

  • 100mm to 3m

We can also quickly source and arrange delivery of sizes up to DN 1000mm. We can also source and supply round bar in custom diameter sizes and lengths depending on our customers’ requirements.

Quality control

All the Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy and Duplex Round Bars that Special Piping Materials sources and supplies can meet the requirements of the oil, gas, petrochemical, water treatment and other heavy industries.

All our products are sourced according to the world-renowned ISO9001 quality system.

Special Piping Materials’ round bar is manufactured in accordance with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) Standard as follows:

  • ASTM A182
  • ASTM B564

The dimensional standard of the round bar we supply is in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

Special Piping Materials and round bar

Special Piping Materials has been involved in the sourcing and supply of round bar for many years and we understand that the quality and reliability of these products is paramount.

All the products we supply are tested rigorously to each of our client’s specifications. Extra robust corrosion protection can be supplied upon request.

All our products are packaged according to an engineering or project specification and short delivery times can be met where required.

Our sales team can provide technical information to guide customers in making the correct decision with regard to material grade for their applications, no matter how complex.

Contact us for more information.

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All Stock held by Special Piping Materials tested in accordance with respective ASTM standards.

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All Stock held by Special Piping Materials tested in accordance with respective ASTM standards.

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